Sustainability is commonly described as having three major points environmental, economic, and social. The textile industry is the second largest polluter in the world due to water usage apart from agriculture, so we are affecting the world as much as we can imagine. As the world is our only home, we need to do our best to save and live together without harming nature.

Water and chemical usage are at a very important level in the textile industry, we need to imply consuming green clothing sectorally. This can be achieved by the use of recycled materials & sustainable fibres and the reduction of fast fashion.

Due to this, as Desma Textile, we prioritize this and give more attention to using more recycled materials or sustainable natural fibres in the fabrics. Here, we are caring to use Organic Cotton, Cellulosic Fibres, Recycled Polyester, etc. Also, in the future, we are planning to give more attention to Upcycling projects.

Besides these, we also care for and rely upon our employees and create a fairer workplace in which we provide fair pay, safe working conditions, social protection, and gender equality.

In the future, we are believing that we will improve ourselves, be part of the sustainability chain, and achieve this goal.