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Over 30 year's experience providing top quality carpentry across world.

Our team of engineers and technicians are professionally trained by the Firm. In parallel with the repair & maintenance of pumps on floating vehicles, we are truly reliable pump doctors.

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We produce casual and sportswear for men's clothing, mainly in the knitting group.

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We produce casual and sportswear for women's clothing, mainly in the knitting group.


We produce baby and children's clothing and different needs (bags, shoes, accessories, etc.).

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Our central goal is to give clear, excellent and reasonable biological counsel and administrations to public.

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Dakota Johnston

Dakota Johnston

CEO & Founder
Taylah Tolmie

Taylah Tolmie

Turbine Engineer
Jasmine Parrott

Jasmine Parrott

Design Expert
Toby Sampson

Toby Sampson

Solar Engineer

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